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Future performances until end 2022 (including rehearsal dates & commitments)

Rehearsal Committment
2-5 June 2021
The Mikado
The Cooper School
We STILL aspire to present this.
Look out for annoucments about HOW! 
 17 July
ABBA- Thank You For The Music!
Kingsmere Community Centre
6 rehearsals 9/6,16/6, 23/6, 30/6, 7/7,14/7
- Best endeavours for attendance but you must attend 14th July
 16 Oct
 A Night at The Opera  
St Edburgs
6 rehearsals:8/9,15/9,22/9,29/9,6/10,13/10
- max 1 absence
18 Dec 2021
Sleigh Bells Ring!
St Edburgs 
7 Rehearsals, max absence 2
you must attend 15 dec
2-4 Jun
 Little Shop of Horrors
The Cooper School (tbc)
approx 20 rehearsals
NA forms will be required from all cast
NB: this is half term and the bank holiday arrangements are different with Thurs & Fri being bank holidays
15 Oct
Bach Magnificat / Vivladi Gloria
 St Edburg's
attendance requirements - max 3 absence in total but no more than 2 in either 'half'
10 Dec
Christmas Concert 
St Edburgs
 anticipate 7 rehearsasl, max abscence 2
you must attend 7th Dec


With one eye on our costs, and the other on the nature of the music, we did not require an accompanist at all our rehearsals in 2017.  Indeed, out of 41 sessions we used their services just 15/16 times by the end of this year.  The nature of the music we presented in 2018 meant we needed an accompanist for around 35 sessions.  This, along with normal increases in other costs, meant we had higher weekly costs to cover.   2019 presented a similar challenge and an increase from April in our weekly hall hire costs..  As you should know, our subs are set at a level to cover these weekly costs.  Why are we telling you this? We had to increase our planned subs for 2020 by around 30p per week per person; the reality was of course completely different!

 Our stage productions tend to have around 35 participants, compared to choral works which can have 50+. The more people singing, the lower the subs!

2021?  who knows.... lets see how things play out!

2018 Subs 
Show Subs (20 weeks)          £80
Summer  (8 weeks)                  £32
Autumn (12 weeks)                  £50
Total (40 weeks = £4.05 p/w) £162 

2019 Subs
Show Subs (20 weeks)            £80
Summer/autumn (12 weeks)   £50
Christmas (8 weeks)                  £35
Total  (40 weeks = £4.13 p/w)   £165

2020 Subs 
Show Subs (20 weeks)           £90
(can be paid in 2 instalments of £45) 
(Students in full time Education £25)
Summer  (7 rehearsals)            £30
(students in full time Education £10)
sept-Dec (11weeks)                   £50
(Students in full time Education £15)

Total (31 weeks = £4.51 p/w)   £140

2021 Subs
Show Subs (20 weeks)           £90
(Students in full time Education £25)
Summer (7 rehearsals)             £35
(Students in full time Education £10)
Autumn (6rehearsals)               £30
(Students in full time Education £10)
Christmas (7 weeks)                  £35
(Students in full time Education £10)

Total (42 rehearsals =£4.40 p/w)£185

Make sure you've completed a Gift Aid form  - click the gift aid logo further down this page

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A couple of tracks from our successful  "I Was Glad" concert in April 2013
If viewing on a mobile device, switch to 'classic' view (at bottom of page) to listen
Blest Pair of Sirens
The Long Day Closes

Your Committee 2021

 Email: @bcoswesing.org.uk
Ian Muddle
Vice Chair
Liz Stiff
Caroline Graham
Nikki Fine
Laura Kingsley
Emily Brown
Jan Hartley
Alan Twigg
Musical Director
Martin Quinn

Non-Committee Roles

    Email: @bcoswesing.org.uk
 Nicky Roberts


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Email finance@bcoswesing.org.uk when you have made payment, so Caroline can note in her records.

Rehearsal Attendance

Although an amateur choir, the quality of our performances is very important to us. We hope that you will be able to make it to every rehearsal each term, but we’re realistic enough to know that “life” gets in the way.
CHORAL WORKS: If you want to sing in a choral concert on a performance day, we ask that you attend a minimum number of rehearsals each term (typically 75%), with the final rehearsal (usually on the afternoon of the concert) being mandatory.  The actual number of rehearsals that you will be required to attend will be based on the number of rehearsal slots available to us and the complexity of the music, and will be decided by our Musical Director. If you’re planning to be away/miss some, don’t forget to try and keep a “spare”, especially in case of illness! And if you know can’t make the concert day, that doesn't mean we don’t want you to join us on a Wednesday; come along, sing, and enjoy the evening! As we approach the concert day we may ask that those not singing on the concert day don't attend the last Wednesday rehearsal, in order that our MD can get a true reflection of sound/balance; we hope you'll understand this rationale.  We may also ask that this final wednesday be mandatory 
SHOWS: All participants in a show will be asked to provide us with a list of 'NA's (Not Available dates) at the start of the rehearsal period. These NAs can then be used to plan the rehearsal schedule accordingly.  There will be some mandatory dates.  If you can't make these you won't unfortunately, be able to participate in the show.  There may or may not be a minimum attendance rule, depending on the nature of the show.   Participation will be at the discretion of the director/committee based on complexity of show and your level of NAs.

Oxfordshire Drama Network

Click on the image above to visit the ODN facebook page.

10% Discount on Vocal Scores

Visit ChoraLine.com enter BCOS in the discount code box (click the green arrows next to the discount code box) on the shopping basket page of the site and you will receive a discount and see the amount saved. Click on the logo below to go to the site.

Community Champions
re 2020

Individuals/Businesses the society has recognised for outstanding contributions and assistance in helping us achieve our goals, even though they are not part of the society.

In recognition of the help and assistance they have given to the society we acknowledge the following people/ places:

Sanctuary Housing - Provision of storage unit
St Mary's RC School - Rehearsal facilities
St Edburg's Church - Rehearsal facilities
Imagex - provision of promotional materials

Honorary & Life Members

Life Members
Mrs Gwyn Harrington
Mr Tim Lane
Mr David Richards
Mrs Vivienne Frost
Mrs S Ross

Honorary Life Members 
Mrs F Austin
Mr Justin Lavender

Mrs P Liddington