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Hummingbird Centre

During Carmen rehearsals we put out a call for raffle prizes. Imagine our surprise when local charity, The Hummingbird Centre, (also a registered charity) donated us a hamper!

We thought it only fair to ensure our audience members had an opportunity to acknowledge this and we're pleased to say that we have been able to make a donation £100 to this worthy local cause.

2016 St Edburg's Christmas Tree Festival

Bishop Carpenter C of E Primary

In our quest for cable reels/drums for the set of our production of Carmen The Musical, we were pleased to have been able to help out Sharon Lyons of Bishop Carpenter Church of England Primary School, 

who wanted some smaller drums to transform into play tables for the younger children.

Heyford Park Free School

The set from our past productions of Hello Dolly (2014) and The Magic Lamp (2013) were donated to Heyford Park Free School for their production of the Wizard of Oz.(2015)

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This page highlights our activities and work with the local community.

Community Champions 2022

Andrew Jeffrey - auditing accounts

Coles Books - physical box office

Cooper School - performance venue for show

Sanctuary Housing - Provision of storage unit

St Mary's RC School - Rehearsal facilities

St Edburg's Church - Rehearsal facilities

Savoir Faire - assistance with refreshments

NEWS 2021

Covid may have put paid to a fully staged show for us but it meant that part of the set was able to go to a good home!  These large (6ft long) signs were to have been suspended above the stage as part of our 'village fete' theme, but that never happened. We're glad to say that Bure Park School have taken them off our hands to use at REAL summer fetes of the future

Community Champions 2020 (recognition of service in 2019)

In recognition of the help and assistance they have given to the society we acknowledge the following people/ places:

Tomy Duby - Front of House Assistance

Jemima Stiff - Stage Crew 2019

Coles Books, - Box Office services

Sanctuary Housing - Provision of storage unit

Savoir Fare - FOH catering assistance & promotion

St Mary's RC School - Rehearsal facilities


We had a tree at the St Edburg's Tree Festival

A group of us sang at the Tree Festival

Community Hospital: Bicester Wuz a Little Town (2015)

Project forBicester Community Hospital in collaboration with Luise Vormittag,

Video documentary by João Retorta

Listen to versions of the final recording by clicking below.

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Original wording 

00:00 / 01:25

Version with extra 'new' verse

00:00 / 01:25

Extended version

00:00 / 01:58
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