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The law requires any organisation involving young people to take all reasonable measures to ensure that the risk of harm to the welfare of Vulnerable Adults, Young persons and Children is minimised and, where there are concerns, to share them with relevant local agencies.   

How BCOS Operates

BCOS is a Registered Charity, composed of choir members. Officers are elected and others co-opted to serve on the committee. Rehearsals are run by our self-employed Musical Director or a substitute on occasion, with an accompanist and, on occasion, a Stage Director. There are neither employed staff nor volunteers in the conventional sense. BCOS does not advertise itself as an activity suitable for children or vulnerable adults. Choir members are independent adults and it happens only occasionally that Young Persons or Vulnerable Adults join, rehearse and perform with us, and by exception that children would do so (for a specific event requiring children). Nonetheless, BCOS recognises the need to safeguard any young and vulnerable members and the Committee has therefore agreed a Safeguarding Policy.

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