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We assume you are happy to be conisdered for other roles, if unsucessful in this role. Please advise if this is NOT the case*

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Auditions for principal roles for Avenue Q will be held from 2.30pm-4.30/5pm on Sun 14th January, at our normal rehearsal location (St Mary's school). 


We're not expecting people to be word pefect for the audition, but bare in mind for most auitions you'll have a puppet to contend with too!


You may wish to be considered for more than one role. In all likelihood you won't be asked to audition for both roles, but be prepared to be asked to sing the second piece if asked!


Please complete the form below not later than 10th January, to let us know you plan to audition, in order that the audition panel can get themselves organised before the big day! On completion of the form we will forward you audition materials via email
PS - please make sure you've also completed an
NA form!


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