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Previous Cup Holders

1988 M Liddingon

1988 Gwyn Harrington

1990 Val Cresswell

1990 Norah Morgan


2009 Andrew Gibson

2010 Dave Hughes

2011 Trevor Daniels

2012 Rina Israeli

2013 Nicky Roberts

2014 Amanda Anderson

2015 Ian Muddle

2016 Laura Kingsley

2017 Caroline Graham

2018 Alan Twigg

The Pilkington Cup

The Pilkington Cup was named after the choirs’ founder, Miss Constance Pilkington.

BCOS’ origins lie in the Fringford Village Choir of 1962, formed by Miss Pilkington. She was the driving force of the choir and, on disbandment, the Bicester & District Choral Society was formed in 1963 under the guidance of Miss Pilkington. And the rest, as they say, is history!

The Pilkington Cup was created to recognise members of the society who have made an outstanding contribution to the society in the previous 12 months. Former holders of the cup have included members of the society’s committee as well as individual members. The tradition became that previous awardees of the cup assembled to decide who to award the cup to the following year.


At the end of 2015 the Committee decided they would like to open up the process of nomination to the wider society. Who, in your opinion, had captured your imagination in the past 12 months?

Who had ‘gone the extra mile’? Shown outstanding commitment? Who had focused on building/promoting the society? Who had ‘BCOS’ in their blood?

Nominations were made by way of a simple email, telling us who you were nominating, and a few short lines to explain why you think they deserved to be recognised.

Laura Kingsley was our worthy winner, with the cup awarded to her during the AGM on 27th January 2016 for her efforts in 2015. Laura's work in the background doing everything from tickets coordination to decorating the Christmas tree in St Edburg's and dealing with refreshments logistic ensures that we run smoothly!

This was followed swiftly in January 2017 by Caroline Graham for her work in 2016, in recognition of all the hard work she puts in behind the scenes as Treasurer - from banking, to accounting and filing our Gift Aid returns. An, most recently Alan Twigg was the worthy recipient in 2018 for his efforts in 2017 - stage and set builder extraordinaire and 'I can make that' attitude!

So who should get the cup for their efforts in 2018? Simply email or complete the short form below. Closing date for nominations 31st Dec 2018.


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